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Our Story



The Loop at Pine + Ocean sits within Victory Park, and is bordered to the south by the former home to the iconic Jergins Trust Building and entrance to the famed Jergins Tunnel, which once helped move over 45,000 pedestrians an hour between Pine Avenue and the waterfront. In the 60s, the tunnel was sealed and in 1985 the Jergins Trust Building was demolished. Since its demolition, the southeast corner of Pine + Ocean has remained fenced off and created a physical and psychological barrier between the Downtown core and the waterfront.

How did we get here?

In 2014 the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) commissioned the Urban Land Institute to offer recommendations on how to enhance pedestrian connectivity between the waterfront and the Downtown core. One of the recommendations proposed was activating Pine Avenue between Ocean Boulevard and Seaside Way. In May of 2015 the DLBA hired Green Octopus Consulting to look at the possibilities for transforming the corner into a community gathering space. The findings were presented in a report titled “Revitalizing the Southeast Corner of Ocean and Pine: Activating Victory Park.” On June 2, 2015 the Long Beach City Council unanimously approved a motion by Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal and First District Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez to direct city staff to partner with the DLBA and identify ways to activate the corner.

In September 2015 the DLBA released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design and construction of a temporary outdoor public space on the site. A selection panel made up of Downtown stakeholders, City Staff and DLBA Staff chose the team of STEREO.BOT/Gensler/Valley Crest as its preferred choice to proceed with the design and construction of the project. The Loop at Pine + Ocean opened to the public in April 2016.

On February 2nd a new vision of The Loop at Pine + Ocean emerged in Downtown Long Beach. The DDC, in partnership with the DLBA and Stereobot, undertook a refresh of the popular public space by replacing the original fabric cladding with an eye catching aluminium screen material. Since its opening in April 2016 The Loop has seen over 130,000 visitors.

Photos by Brian Glodney, Gensler

About the Project Team

The Loop was developed by the Long Beach Downtown Development Corporation (DDC) in partnership with the DLBA, the City of Long Beach and Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal, and designed by the team of STEREO.BOT, Gensler and Brightview Design Group. STEREO.BOT, the project lead and art installation designer, is a design and technology integration company on a mission to empower innovators across the event industry to spatialize creative visions and brand concepts. Gensler, the urban design lead, and Brightview Design Group, lead landscape architect, developed the site layout and pedestrian-scale elements to support the activation of the Loop. Local construction management firm JR van Dijs provided permitting assistance and construction support and logistics.

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